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Splendid piazzas and palazzos

Venice’s streets are submerged in water and you won’t see a single car. Book a flight to Venice and explore the dozens of canals in this city by gondola. Cruise past beautiful palazzos and enjoy a top-class gelato in a picturesque square. The ultimate souvenir from Venice is a colourful Venetian carnival mask, which you can buy everywhere.

Well-known highlights and hidden gems

Anyone who visits Venice will eventually go to St Mark’s Square with its ever-present flocks of pigeons. This square is home to some of Venice’s major attractions. Take a look behind the impressive facade of St Mark’s Basilica and visit the nearby Doge’s Palace. The campanile bell tower offers some amazing views. However, you’ll find the real charm of Venice in its maze of narrow cobbled streets and hidden squares. Here you can wander around to your heart’s content. Venice is the ideal destination for a weekend holiday or as the starting point for a tour of Italy. Treat yourself: book a flight to Venice now!

Go shopping on the bridge

The Rialto Bridge crosses Venice’s main waterway, the Grand Canal. You’ll find many small shops on this covered bridge and nearby there’s a huge market, the Campo della Pescheria. You can buy fresh fish here in the mornings, but there are also stalls with flowers, fruit and souvenirs. The Dorsoduro neighbourhood packed with palaces and amazing museums, is also well worth a visit. And Murano is just a stone’s throw away. If you’d like to know more about the Venetian art of glassblowing, you definitely have to visit this island.

Flights to Venice for a unique weekend holiday

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