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Ancient castles and Ottoman bathhouses

Up for a relaxing weekend holiday? Book a flight to Budapest and visit the Matthias Church and the Hungarian State Opera House. Budapest is the picture of romance. The meandering Danube and magnificent bridges are an invitation to endless sunset walks. Towering high above the city, Buda Castle provides splendid views of the city. You’ll instantly fall in love with Budapest.

Hungarian art and ancient castles

Culture lovers will enjoy Budapest. Wander the winding baroque streets in the Castle District and visit the Fisherman’s Bastion with its fairytale towers. The National Gallery, exhibiting 19th and 20th-century Hungarian art, is housed in stately Buda Castle. Visit one of the many authentic, typically-Hungarian coffee houses for a good cup of coffee. Or take an enchanting boat trip to the Danube Bend, a U-shaped loop in the river. Budapest is the ideal destination for weekend holidays or as a starting point for a longer vacation in Hungary. Treat yourself: book a flight to Budapest now!

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Bathing in the Ottoman bathhouses

Budapest is a real wellness destination due to its many bathhouses on the Danube, some of which date back to the 16th-century Ottoman empire. Filled with water from mineral hot water springs, one of the best known bathhouses are the beautiful Art Nouveau-style Gellért Baths. Located in the City Park, you’ll find the popular Széchenyi bathhouse, Europe’s largest thermal bath. After a relaxing visit to the bathhouse, take a stroll in the park, home to museums, monuments, a beautiful pond, as well as an actual amusement park and a zoo.

Flights to Budapest for a unique holiday

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