Privacy Policy for Korea

Our privacy policy for Korean customers is in line with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection. Read it carefully.

Types of personal data collected

The Company may collect the following types of personal data from customers for the purpose of member registration, ticket purchase and issuance, consultations, service request and reservation handling, and giveaway events:     ① Required items: gender, name (including English name), telephone number, ticket or reservation number, passport information, e-mail address, credit card number (for on-line ticket purchases) Optional items: mileage card number, requests for certain seats and/or meals Other items: log-in ID, password, address, service history, log-in history, connecting IP data, contact information and address at destination, bank name and bank account number     ② Personal data is collected during: online member registration, ticket purchases and issuance on the KLM website; over-the-phone ticket purchases and issuance, consultations on airfare and other topics via the KLM call center.

Collection of personal data and purpose

The Company uses personal data that have been collected for the following purposes:   ① To implement service contracts and settle service fees     ② To provide contents, arrange and issue flight tickets, and process payments or refunds   ③ To manage membership   ④ To confirm registration intent     ⑤ To send out tickets and giveaway gifts

Period of retention and use

The Company discards all personal data as soon as the purpose of collecting and using the data is fulfilled.

Agreement item on the overseas transfer of personal data

KLM commissions the operation of its booking and flight management system to AMADEUS, an air travel information system provider. The release of personal data used to process flight booking, and the overseas transfer of such data, are conducted as follows:   - Personal data released to: AMADEUS IT GROUP, S.A. (   - Types of data released:         - For flight booking: Flying Blue membership number, passenger name, date of birth, gender, contact information, e-mail address, passport information (passport number, expiration date, place of issuance, nationality)       - For payment transactions: card number, expiration date, transaction authorization code (if paid with credit card), transaction number (if payment is wired)       - For member registration or modification of member information: Flying Blue membership code, membership level, membership expiration date, Korean/English names, date of birth, nationality, residence, gender, contact information, e-mail address, mileage balance, boarding history and accumulated mileage   - How transferred data is used and period of retention:       - Booking data: operation of the booking system and maintenance of booking history, five years after transfer of data       - Membership data: member services and individual identification, etc., until termination of contract or cancellation of membership

Rejection of agreement on the collection and use of personal data

While it is possible to refuse the collection and use of your personal data, you will not have access to our flight booking services in this case.

- The user and/or legal representative may access and modify personal data at any time and may also request a withdrawal of registration.     ① Any written, over-the-phone or e-mail request to the person in charge of privacy will be handled without delay.     ② The Company ensures that the request of the user and/or legal representative to discard or delete personal data is handled in line with the conditions stated regarding the period of retention and use so that the said information is no long available for viewing or use.

Privacy complaints

To protect the personal data of our customers and respond to questions or complaints regarding such data, the Company has designated a department and a person to be in charge of customer privacy, as follows:   ① Customer service department phone number: 02-6105-4037   ② Person in charge of privacy: Moon-jung Lee, Country Sales Manager for Korea If you have any privacy-related issues to report during your experience with the Company’s service, please feel free to contact the designated person or department in charge. The Company will respond to all customer concerns quickly and thoroughly. If you need to report other cases of privacy infringement or require consultation, please contact the following institutions:   1. Privacy Infringement Reporting Center (   2. Advanced Crime Investigation Department, Supreme Prosecutor’s Office ( / 02-3480-2000)   3. Cyber Bureau, Korean National Police Agency (