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Central America

From KRW 2,920,100*
San Jose (Costa Rica)
Round trip

South America

From KRW 2,434,500*
Bogota (Colombia)
Round trip

Africa and Indian Ocean

From KRW 2,489,700*
Johannesburg (South Africa)
Round trip


From KRW 1,199,300*
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Round trip
From KRW 811,800*
Rome (Italy)
Round trip
From KRW 980,600*
Frankfurt/Main (Germany)
Round trip
From KRW 867,000*
Reykjavik (Iceland)
Round trip
From KRW 800,100*
Venice (Italy)
Round trip
  • Florence (Italy)
    From KRW 799,500*
    Round trip
  • Valencia (Spain)
    From KRW 789,700*
    Round trip
  • Zurich (Switzerland)
    From KRW 892,500*
    Round trip


From KRW 1,014,900*
Paris (France)
Round trip

*All amounts are in KRW. Taxes and surcharges are included. No booking fee is applicable. Prices shown may vary depending on fare availability.