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COVID-19 test locations

If you need a negative COVID-19 test result before departure, please check these overviews below of test locations.

View global rapid and PCR test locations on the website of the Dutch authorities

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Test locations for passengers departing from Korea

Test locations

Incheon Airport COVID-19 Testing Center

PCR, Antigen and Antibody tests are available at Incheon Airport COVID-19 Testing Center located at the 1st basement in Ternminal2. The center opens from 09h00 ~ 18h00 (subject to change). Reservation is mandatory and is available through www.airport.kr or Tel +82.32.741.9000. For details about the PCR test result, expense etc please check the official homepage below.

Incheon Airport official homepage

Latest information about Korea

1. Check your flight status

Updated on 10 January 2023.

KLM winter schedule until 25 March 2023 has been updated. Please check the operation flight schedule below.

AMS-ICNKL86719:5015:40 +102 Jan ~ 25 MarMon/Sat
AMS-ICNKL86119:2515:15 +102 Jan ~ 25 MarWed/Fri
AMS-ICNKL84519:1015:00 +131 Jan ~ 25 MarTue/Sun
ICN-AMSKL86800:3506:2502 Jan ~ 25 MarMon/Wed
ICN-AMSKL86201:2507:1502 Jan ~ 25 MarFri/Sun
ICN-AMSKL84601:2007:1002 Feb ~ 25 MarTue/Thu

*Above schedules are subject to change without notice. Customers concerned will be informed individually. KLM is striving to maintain its service to Asia and reminds us that the safety of its customers and crews is its absolute priority.

• Please read the latest updates, all details on booking flexibility.

• You can check your flight status or view your flight details in My Trip.


Update 17 October, 2022

1) Covid-19 testing regulations for inbound travelers:

All inbound travelers, whether our nationals or foreigners, arriving South Korea are not required to present a negative PCR test starting midnight of 3 September. 

2) Quarantine upon arrival

Travelers entering Republic of Korea are no longer required for self- quarantine.


3) Covid-19 test upon arrival:

PCR test is no longer required upon arrival. For details, please check the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency website or the link below.

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4) Q code pre-registration before departure:

It is possible to pre-register your quarantine information into Q-code system, provided by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KCDC). If you register your quarantine information into the Q-Code and receive a QR code before departure, you can receive a fast-track quarantine inspection upon arrival in Korea.


For details including the procedure to register the Q-code, please check the link below.

Pre-registration for Q-Code

For details including Exemption cases, please check below.

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